Secret Agent Monkey

The Royal Library: Information Skills Quiz: 'Secret Agent A.A.P. and the Tortured Jellyfish' for Elementary Schools"

Secret Agent A.A.P.: Playful Tool for Understanding Information Skills in Upper Grades

Project description

The Royal Library (KB) has developed an online information skills quiz for elementary school children for the Library at School, "Secret Agent A.A.P. and the Quelled Jellyfish. This interactive adventure incorporates twenty questions that test the player's information skills. The results are shared individually by email with the relevant elementary school teacher. Through Secret Agent A.A.P., the quiz can facilitate education with a playful and practical tool to provide insightful information literacy for upper school teachers and stakeholders.

What did we develop?

We further completed the web portal and put it into production. In addition, in the backend handling, the Liferay portal (portlets) was further developed.


A very popular game developed for elementary school in the Netherlands

Project scope

  • Advertisement
  • Platform
  • Webshop

Techniques used

  • Java, HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Liferay
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux
  • AWS

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